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The best of what art and culture have to offer at an affordable price. That is what you will find at the subscription website Generous MagpieGenerous Magpie offers you a subscription to an exclusive series of products or activities. For yourself or as a gift. You subsequently receive an attractive package or an exceptional experience.

How does a Magpie subscription work?

Generous Magpie is a platform for creative minds who offer original high-quality products and services to a wide public at an affordable price. The website presents the best visual artists, designers, photographers, chefs de cuisine, architects and other extraordinary figures. Choose your favorite, take out a subscription and you will receive a unique product every three months. In this way you can amass a unique collection with very little difficulty. Some products can be ordered individually, but are always cheaper with a subscription arrangement. Generous Magpie regularly presents new subscriptions and special offers. So, please continue to follow our activities, it will be well worth your while.


It is possible to take out a subscription for as little as 30 euros per quarter. Each subscription clearly shows the number of quarters it covers. You receive the first delivery (Q1) within three weeks of taking out the subscription and paying the appropriate charge. Subscriptions have a fixed order of sequence and always begin with Q1, regardless of the time of year in which the subscription is activated. Depending on the date of commencement and the number of quarters concerned, you can expect the next delivery around 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December.

Individual products

Products are occasionally available as individual products, but are always cheaper within a subscription framework. You will also receive individual products within three weeks of ordering and payment. Delivery of the products is always free.

Gift card

A gift card from Generous Magpie is an original and inspiring gift. Just determine the value of the voucher and you can surprise someone with a unique gesture. The recipient can then opt for a subscription or an individual product. Companies that wish to use a gift voucher as a Christmas or business present can order a custom-made variant with their own logo or name.

Follow the blog

New and notable products, trends, gadgets and special offers.  The blog of Generous Magpie keeps you up to date with the latest developments in the realm of culture. Check every day for new articles and reviews.


How did the idea for Generous Magpie arise?

A great many people are interested in culture but do not always know where extraordinary and affordable products can be obtained. At the same time, artists are constantly seeking access to a wide public but they frequently find it difficult to find the right way of going about it.

In these difficult times, in which the public is cautious about spending and artists desperately need regular income, we sought a way to unite the two standpoints. Generous Magpie offers high-quality art and culture at a reasonable price. The general public is given access to the best and most talented creative minds, and these also benefit from increased interest.

Who are the magpies?

Erik Schilp is the director of Generous Magpie. He devised and developed the concept in conjunction with Dennis Tap who built the website, and Robin Stam who is responsible for the design. Pepijn Reeser is chef de bureau and Jasper Visser is our ambassador-at-large. Patrick Sijben is our house photographer.


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