Youthful Heroes Youthful Heroes

+This time, we adopt a different approach. No attractive photos or extraordinary art today. We’ll engage in a moment of reflection. Since the instant that the Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself ablaze on 17 December 2010 because a corrupt government functionary had confiscated his merchandise for the umpteenth time, the Arabic Spring has been a part of our everyday lives.…

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Real or fake Real or fake

I like fresh flowers. They smell nice and the idea of having something beautiful and fragile in your house remains an exceptional experience. Fortunately, we live in a country where flowers are reasonably affordable. I recall the surprise of an Irish friend who saw that you could buy a hundred tulips for 10 guilders (then) at the Flower Market in Amsterdam.…

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D-I-Y iPhone speaker D-I-Y iPhone speaker

I could easily be tempted into buying speakers for my iPhone, certainly at airports and certainly if they have the raw appearance of an old radio. However, with the same smoothness with which I can fall in love with them, I can just as easily forget to pack them when I need them, so that my travelling music is often grating and shrill..…

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