Dirk Kome: Rockanje Dirk Kome: Rockanje

Dirk Kome (1976) has developed to become one of the better present-day photographers in our country. His first series, initiated just before his final exam at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1999, still fires the imagination. In this series, Kome took the viewer to his parental home, where his parents and brother were living.…

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Keng Lye: Alive without breath Keng Lye: Alive without breath

Artist Keng Lye from Singapore is a mysterious man. He does not have his own website, seldom gives interviews, and his work is not for sale (at least not yet). Nevertheless, he is currently conquering the internet with his series entitled Alive without breath: animals that appear to swim in water.…

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Tokyo Compression Michael Wolf: Tokyo Compression

After many wanderings, German artist Michael Wolf settled in Hong Kong a few years ago. The focus of his work lies primarily on everyday life in the metropolis. Wolf has exhibited his work at countless locations, including the biennials of Venice and Shenzhen, and his work has been purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York among others.…

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