Tape Tape

I have attended quite a few birthday gatherings and parties recently. Because I like to take a personal gift, this means to me: lots of wrapping. And tape. And that is where it often goes wrong. I know that there are convenient devices on the market where you only need to insert the roll of tape and then you can easily tear off a strip and seal your package.…

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Maids of Honor and Popes Maids of Honor and Popes

Several weeks ago, I wrote about inspiration and emulation in the arts. This time, I want to present a few good examples of this, especially now that grand masters are copying other grand masters in their own style.

Just before Easter, a new Pope graced the balcony of St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.…

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Keng Lye: Alive without breath Keng Lye: Alive without breath

Artist Keng Lye from Singapore is a mysterious man. He does not have his own website, seldom gives interviews, and his work is not for sale (at least not yet). Nevertheless, he is currently conquering the internet with his series entitled Alive without breath: animals that appear to swim in water.…

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Pollock in Cairo Pollock in Cairo

Dat kunst inspireert, daar zijn veel mensen het over eens. Maar de laatste tijd kom ik steeds meer voorbeelden tegen van wel een heel vergaande vorm van inspiratie: de kopie. Niet zoals meestervervalser Van Meegeren, waarbij nep nagenoeg niet meer te onderscheiden is van echt. Maar creatiever, waarbij het origineel direct herkenbaar is als basis van een nieuw werk, dat toch probeert een eigen kracht te hebben.
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